000-11478-001: TXL-10S-6 LOW EMSN:

10kW HD Digital Radar The new Simrad Low Emission HD Digital 10kW radar system combine high performance open array scanners with a proven history of oceangoing reliability and the latest in digital signal processing. Experience unparalleled situational awareness, with exceptional detection of small or distant targets and minimised screen-clutter. Our new Low Emission 10kW HD open array digital radar boasts exceptional detection of small or distant targets using our advanced Digital Signal Processing technology. Screen clutter in any weather is virtually eliminated, allowing a clear, accurate and easy to interpret image. The 10kW open array is ideal for larger motorboats 50ft+ in length.

  • New Array Radar available in September 2014.
  • perfect with new Simrad NSO evo2 systems
  • All models feature new Long-life magnetrons and brush-less motors
  • All models have reduced emission levels that exceed 2015 regulatory changes and offer safer operation
  • Compatible with all Simrad current radar displays: NSE, NSS, NSS evo2 and NSO evo2
  • Meet tough IMO IEC62388 Annex D target detection specifications and triggers RACONS and SARTS at required 5nm range
  • Commercial design with 100kt sustained windload rating
  • Automatic Tune, Gain and Sea Clutter adjustments
  • Automatic Harbour and Offshore modes
  • Dual EBL/VRM and Dual Guard zones
  • Radar overlay on charts and 10-target MARPA tracking with optional heading sensor
  • iPad/Android tablet control with optional Go Free wireless module
  • For 24V DC systems only

NOTE: TXL-10S-6 replaces TX10S-1. The following part is obsolete: TX10S-1 (TX10S-1 TX10S 10KW 6’OPN ARRY W/20M CA). Please order 000-11478-001 instead.

Key Features and Top 5 Selling Points

  • Low Emission Specifications allow continuing Global pulse radar sales: These radars have a long sales life, since we not only meet -30dB/dec toughly enforced OoB radiated emissions specifications with enforcement anticipated in mid 2015, but are 10dB better with -40dB/dec to assure future compliance in all Countries
  • Improved Reliability and Safety: These recreational radars are actually designed as Commercial radars with time proven global Ocean going history since mid 2008. These rugged models use brushless geared DC motors for max service life. All three antenna arrays sizes are available for service replacements, if ever required. These new radars have much safer General Public Radiation Exposure Limits (at least 20X safe distance) than original TX10S-1 and TX25S-1. The safe distance (for a rotating antenna) is within the antenna’s turning circle. Users should stay well outside the turning circle of the antenna to avoid injury through impact as it spins
  • Auto Gain/Auto Sea with easy Manual Override: Exceptional navigation awareness with positive detection of both small and distant targets using SIMRAD’s DSP radar processing. This assures virtually no screen clutter and “hand’s off” operation for even the most experienced radar user: Simrad HD radars support both True/Relative motion to distinguish moving targets from land masses
  • Marpa Target Tracking: Adding a High Speed Heading Sensor provides tracking up to 10 Marpa targets with full situational data
  • Dual EBL/VRM and Dual Guard Zones with MFD Touch/Rotary /Cursor control: A


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000-11478-001: TXL-10S-6 LOW EMSN:

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