000-13823-001: JLA MX 10 SUBW SPRT TB (MX10IB3-SG-TB)

MX Subwoofers and Coaxial Speakers We know that you expect great performance and top quality when you choose JL Audio for your marine audio system.This is why our more affordable MX speakers are designed with the same “DNA” as our flagship speakers, and are built alongside them in our U.S.factory.We also use the same marine-grade materials to ensure outstanding longevity in real-world boating use. Most importantly, our fanatical approach to sound quality is in full effect, this time optimized for moderate power systems. MX speaker systems are available in a wide range of beautiful looks for flush-mounting, or as enclosed systems that are ideal for wakeboard towers, deck mounting and many other self-contained applications.

Truly engineered for marine duty

  • To ensure long-term performance, all models are designed and built to exceed industry standards

for salt-fog and UV exposure. These are salt-water rated products that you can use with confidence.

Outstanding sound quality

  • All models are designed to operate in open-air boat environments, delivering powerful, smooth

sound that is several steps beyond common marine speakers. These are not car speakers painted white, they are acoustically engineered for boat installations.

High power handling

  • Designed to benefit from operation with quality amplification, such as the JL Audio marine amplifiers.

Up to five great looks to choose from!

  • MX-Series models are available with the Classic or Sport Grille designs, in all-white or black/titanium color schemes.
  • The coaxial models are also available in a new Chrome grille finish.


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000-13823-001: JLA MX 10 SUBW SPRT TB (MX10IB3-SG-TB)

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