IMD03413001 FI-70 Colour Instrument

■ Clear 4.1″ QVGA screen that is viewable even under direct sunlight

■ Simple and intuitive graphical user interface allows you to fully customize

■ Designed to perfectly match the NavNet Tztouch / TZtouch2 on your helm

■ Bonded Colour LCD ensuring condensation free operation as well as great visibility

■ Use your existing wind sensors (FI-5001/FI-5001L) with new analog IF-NMEAFI converter

■ Low power consumption (0.15 A max)

■ Simple AIS display through connected CAN bus devices

■ Share language and brilliance settings between FI-70’s when grouping them together

■ Display Modes Available – Analog Meter, Graph, Highway, Race Timer, Simple AIS, Data Box


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IMD03413001 FI-70 Colour Instrument

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